How to Write a SEO Friendly and Quality Content

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There has many way to drive targeted traffic in your blog. Some of them are most effective and some of them are not. In my blogging life I try many tricks for my blog to drive traffic and get income. Last day I was thining about those all method which one are really effective and which are not. Now I am going to share you some tricks that will drive targeted traffic to your blog. Its my proven method I also generally do these for my own blog. Its very easy but you need to do hard work and you must have patience. We will know about How to Write a SEO Friendly and Quality Content.

Content is King

Lengthy Content: The first condition of my tricks is that you need long blog post. In details, You need to write blog post in details or as much as long. Because Google gives priority on long post. If you want high rank in Google for long time then you need to write article more than 1200+ word. Its really work (telling from my personal experience). Bellow I am showing some advantages of lengthy article.

* If you have post that have 1200+ word then it will be easy to use multiple keyword in one article.
* It will be easy to do internal linking.
* Google will index your post ASAP.
* Will get high rank in Google.

So there is no doubt that lengthy article is essential for your blog. If your blog is new then it will take time to see result. But in long run you will be win. Actually when your keyword will be rank with lengthy article there is less chance to drop it again. So we can see that its most important for a blog.

Quality Content: There is nothing to describe how much important this! Yes if you want success in blogging then you must need quality post. If you have quality content your readers will come to your blog and I can tell you that you no need to rank your site, if you  have good engagement in your blog
then Google will find out you and give you rank. If you can draw attention of your traffic then they will stay in your blog for many time to read content. And this will help you to rank your site and also your bounce rate will be decrease. If bounce rate decrease then your click through rate will be increased. And when Google rank any site, it gives priority on those section. So if you have all those section then it will be better for you to rank your site.

Content is King

Using Anchor Text: Anchor text means the text come with link. For an example, when you visit any blog's homepage there you will find "read more" option. When you click on that it open full article. Here "Read More" Contains the link of full article. This is called Anchor Text.
You need to use anchor text when you create back link. But you have to be careful when creating back link because excessive use of anchor text may fall you in trouble. excessive using of anchor text it may look unnatural so try to avoid it. In your content if you use same anchor text many time then it will notify Google that you are trying to use black hat. And Google may penalty you for this reason. So be careful on this.

Keyword Targeting: To target a keyword first you have to check it with Google adword keyword planner tools. This tools will show you the value of keyword, monthly search volumes and how much competitions. First you have to choice keyword and then write content on this. Try to use long tail keyword all time. Because its easy to rank a long tail keyword. People who search in Google generally use long tail keyword. This is one of the most effective way to get traffic from Google.

Update Your Blog : You need to update your blog regularly. It has many advantage for your blog. If possible then post article daily. If you want visitor come your blog regularly then you must need to update it every day. Generally people will come to read what you write regularly. And about Google when you update your site Google bot come to your site to crawl it. If you update your site regular basis then Google will send bot regularly and for this your article will be indexed in Google short time. It will help you to rank your site in long run.

Must Use Bold and Italics: Its called typography. And typography matters a lot for blogging. Readers like to love good content with typography. Now a days all people are busy, we don't have much time to seat ideally and read your content. Maximum reader are speed readers. So you need to use speed breaker :P . Yes and that speed breaker is bold or italics. Bold and Italics will draw attention of your readers. So make important and attractive news as bold and italic.

Content is king so we must need to know How to Write a SEO Friendly and Quality Content. If you follow all rules I describe above then it will be good for you. At last I can say that I am using those technique for my blog. Hope if you follow those you also become successful in blogging.

How to Create High Quality Backlink

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Its sure that everybody know about backlinks who do blogging or SEO project. Some rummor can hear that SEO is dead or to create backlink there is no profit. Its totally wrong. Even quality backlink plays important roles to increase page rank of any website or a blog. Actually when we talking about page rank, we indirectly indicate the number of backlink that blog get.

“Links are still the best way that we’ve found to discover [how relevant or important somebody is], and maybe over time social or authorship or other types of markup will give us a lot more information about that.”Matt Cutts

I am also a new blogger and my this blog also new but I study on SEO and read many blog every day who present Blogging tips and tricks. If I get any new idea I try this for my own blog. With my experience I can say that we need to create quality backlink for our blog. Its true that 10 quality backlink are better than 100 bad backlinks. I think you understand what actually I am try to realize you. We need to do hard working to create quality backlink. Its true that its not easy to get backlink from high authority sites but you have to try this. We all know that if try never stop then success must come one day. Now we will learn the tricks how to create high quality backlink.

Forum Participation
Related forum may be your good source of high quality backlink. So if you remain active on related forum then you will get quality backlink. Also there has many profit on forum posting. If you become active member in any forum then you can build up a strong relationship with members and make friendship with them. And if you become popular writer on there then you can get good number of traffic from that forum. Its a tricky way to get visitor. And one the other hand you will get high quality back link for your blog what is very important to get page rank.

Attractive and Long Article
You need to write your post unique and must attractive. Try to describe as much as you can. It will be better if your post contain 1300+ word. I am telling this because long article easily can attract readers attention. And if this happen then your post will share in social media and many other ways too. That will help you to get high quality backlink. Try to post article for tutorial, and start your post on how to. For an example, how to do blogging, how to start a blog, how to create high quality backlink like
this. People like to know new things generally so if you can post tutorial then it will be better.

Offer Free Ebook
I suggest you to write an ebook and offer it for free to your readers. You can share this ebook link with your friends and also can share it on social media. About ebook Matt Cutts says

“The philosophy that we’ve always had is if you make something that’s compelling then it would be much easier to get people to write about it and to link to it. [...] Make a fantastic website that people love and tell their friends about and link to and want to experience. As a result, your website starts to become stronger and stronger in the rankings.”

Create Video
Now a days maximum blogger doing this to get backlink. Create Videos on your niches and share it on YouTube or anyother Video sharing site and don't forget to leave your website URL with this. It will create backlink for you. It will be better if you create video on any tutorial. As I said before that people like to know new things and they will interested in tutorial.

Blog Commenting
This is a easy way to create high quality backlink. Generally you read many blogs everyday as you a blogger. So you must find comment option too in their blog. You can do comment there and leave your blog URL to create backlink. But you must keep in mind some rules to create blog comment.

1. Never comment like "nice article", "thanks admin". If you comment like this then you have 0% possiblity to approve your comment.
2. Read content carefully then make your comment in details don't try to do spam.
3. You need to do high quality comment to get high quality backlink.
4. Try to write comment positively.

All those you need to know when doing blog comment.

Lastly I want to say that its not easy to create high quality backlink. If you think you can do this in a single day then its your mistake. You have to work hard to create quality backlink. So don't fly in dream. Start work from now and enjoy your blogging life.

Start Earnings Today With Fiverr

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I know this is a off topics however, I am writing this article to those people who know every thing but don't getting any project or job. We all know that oDesk and Elance are largest market place. But Fiverr also not bad. The people who don't get job in oDesk should try at fiverr. Here you no need to do bid in any project. You can create gig and start promoting your gig to get more and more sell. You have to offer your service on 5.00$. Its really amazing system. I also use fiverr and get good result too. Here is my fiverr Profile If you want you can check it and make your profile like me.


In this article I will now show you how to open an account and how to create gigs. You can find it on google or youtube. This article for promoting fiverr gigs.

I have few methods that is proven to get more sales on fiverr. I am sharing few of them.

1. Make Collections- Feature your gigs in those collections. A collection is simply a way to organize gigs that you like. Collections are also of interest to buyers on Fiverr because it makes shopping easy for them. Fiverr gives you the ability to create many different kinds of collections.

Create collections that will be interested to people who might use your services. Any small business, band, multi-level marketing member would be interested in your service. Find other gigs that might interest these types of people. This will definitely get you more traffic to your gig. Create as many collections as you can and don’t forget to add your gigs to each collection.

2. Facebook- Go to Facebook and do a search for any niche. Start with Bands in a certain area (South Florida, New York, etc). Search specifically for Fan Pages. DO NOT MESSAGE INDIVIDUALS. Send a short message to each page (not a comment on the page) promoting your gig. You can add a link or you can try to get them to reply first before sending a link. Teasing a little is a good thing. It creates a rapport with the prospect. I suggest making them ask for more information.

3. Email- Go to In the search settings click the button that says “Never show instant results” also slide the button to where it says show 100 results per page. Now do a search. Below is an example of how to do a specific search and extract email addresses without having to visit website...

Search for: Bands in South Florida “

This will pull up 100 results  that contain gmail addresses. Copy the whole page and  paste into this page... I suggest that on that page you change the settings so that each email address shows up on a new line. Now you have a list of targeted email addresses. CAUTION- send no more than 50 emails per day. Never copy or blind copy the group (bcc). Doing so will set off Googles spam filters and cause you problems. Take the time and write each person a personal email that tells them about your service and why they should use it.

4. Linkedin-
If you don’t already have a Linkedin account create one. First try to find connections on linkedin. People who you know and who you have worked with before. Get them to write you recommendations or at the very least become a member of your network. Once you have established a realistic looking profile join groups. Search for a niche and look for OPEN groups within that niche. Once you are a member of a group then click on the  link within that group called MEMBERS. This is a list of up to 500 members of that group. You can send each one of these members a message about your service. Keep your message short and sweet and don’t message too many people in one day or you can get lose your account.

Hope You will enjoy fiverr earning with my tips. If you feel interest then I can share you full tutorials of fiverr with promotion system. 

Interested People Mail me..

Why You Don't Get Popularity on Blogging?

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In my past article I already told that maximum blogger fail to build up their career with blogging. There has many reasons. If they work hard and don't get any good response then its usually they will quite blogging. If any blogger don't get popularity then they don't get enough traffic. And we all know that blog without traffic its like a dead see. Traffic is life of a blog. Its really true that get popularity is not so easy. But I find some reasons that maximum bloggers do. I listed them bellow. If any blogger can avoid those mistake I can assure they will get success in short time.

Unique and Quality Contents
Unique and Quality content is the heart of a blog. If you don't have high quality content then you never get good ranking on Google. And most of the people like to read educational articles with updated information. Everyone want to learn new things. So try to post fresh and informative article on your blog. If you can do that then they will share your article with their friends and also in social media sites. It will be organic SEO. I sure if your article is like this then you get success 100%.

Need Private Relation With Readers
Think yourself do you have strong relationship with your reader? I wanna saying that You have facebook, twitter, google plus etc like this social profile? If yes do you have good number of friends on those social site? If yes then you will get enough visitor and also you need to keep strong relationship with them for your benefit. I will suggest you to spend 1 hour to 2 hours daily with your social media friends. I think you understand what I am trying to realize you.

Must Share Attractive Content
I see that maximum blogger write their article with complicated word and this is too boring to the readers. If your readers cannot realize your opinion then what is the benifit? We all know that now a days world become so busy we have no much time to sit idealy and read complicated article. So my suggestion is to write post in easy word that everyone can understand what you want to say to them. If you can write attractive article then everyone will like them and if its informative then your post must be shared by your reader, that's so important for your blogging life.

Need to Participant on Social Media Group
As you a blogger then you need to participate related groups on social media sites. If you are writing about SEO or blogging tips and tricks then you need to participate in those kind of group where people are interested to talk about it. If you become member and friends of those group you also can share your comments and views. In this system your blog will be popular among those people. As your writing or articles are fresh and highly informative so its sure that your friends of those group become your reader.

Now think yourself when you read other blog do you share any post or do you comment there? If yes then why you do that? Ask question yourself why you share or comment on those blog? Yes you share and comment on this blog because You like the content otherwise you never read the content and never share with your friends. So now think if you can write your post like this then your post must be shared and also people comment on your blog. Now its your turn to change yourself. Happy Blogging Life.

How To Start a Blog and Get Paid

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Its very easy to start a blog. Its not a hard work. Many new bloggers are now jumping in blogging field now a days. But in my personal experience I see that maximum of them become quite very soon. There are many reason why they stop blogging. They become fed up when they see that really blogging is not so easy way to earn, need to do hard work and maximum of them don't know the proper way how to start a blog. Start a blog is not so hard but first you need to learn how to start a blog. Otherwise you also stop blogging after someday when you will see no result and no response you are getting from your blog. So first We need to learn How to start a blog.

Bellow I am giving some information about blogging. I think in those information you can manage your blog better as well can build up your blogging career.

Make a Plan: First you have to think in which section you are expert. Blogging is not copy past system that you will read your niche blogs and copy and past content from those blogs. Make sure in which section you can write easily and you are professional. I suggest you start a blog on that topic you like most. And surly this is the first step to start a blog.
Domain Selection: As you think to start a blog and you just make plan about your blog topic, now you need to choose a domain name. Because its essential for blogging. Register a simple and unique domain name as your reader can remember easily. Its very important for any blog.
Hosting: After registration you need to Signup for a hosting. There are many hosting company like, or and many more. You have to choose yourself from which company you will buy hosting. You also can use blogspot. Personally I am using blogspot hosting. Its fully depend upon you which hosting you need.
Design: If you are a web designer then this is the better opportunity for you that you can design your blog by yourself. If not then you have to hire someone who know designing. Because if design and coding is not error free then the loading time of your blog will increase. And it will not user friendly. I suggest to design blog simply and user friendly.
Learn SEO: This part is most important for your blog. You must need to know what is seo and importance of seo. Learn seo how to do it. If you want to take your blog in next level then You need to learn seo must. Without seo you don't get visitor. And if you don't get any visitor then there is no income from blogging and after some days you also leave blogging.
Unique Content: Now need to write unique content. Google all time gives priority on fresh and unique content. Try to write your content in simple word. Try to make article above 500 words. I suggest to post article daily. There is reason why I am telling this. Your blog need to update daily. And for this you need to post article daily that google will crawl your site and it will get visiblity on Google or any search engin.
Build Mail List: Its very important to build mail list. There are many site like mailchimp, madmimi, aweber, getresponse will allow you to free emailing. If you can build mailing list then it will help you to get visitor why you post article.
Ad Management: When You will place ad on your blog, then must remember, don't post add every where. If you use google adsense then don't post more than 3 adds in one page. Because its the terms and conditions of google adsense. All time don't do blogging for earning, its a passion too.
Commenting: When any of your reader make a comment on your blog, if they ask any question then your duity is to replay them. Try to solve their problem for free cost. Its will build up a strong connection with your readers.

Keep in mind that blogging is not an overnight success. It needs lots of time to become success on blogging. If you try in perfect way and do hard work then one day you must become success. So in this article we already learn how to start a blog. Hope now you all can start blogging in perfect way and become success. Good Day.

Tips for Applying Google Adsense

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People who want to build up their career with blogging, must want a Google Adsense account. When I started my blog I also had a dream of Google Adsense. Now I am owner of a verified Google Adsense. Sometimes some of my friends come to me and ask how to approve a Google Adsense? They also have blog and try to build up their career on blogging. But after hard trying they fail to approve a Google Adsense. As I have a google adsense so they several time ask me to tell the secret. But honestly here is no secret. However for those friends who have no Google Adsense and trying to get a Google Adsense, my article only for them.

First we need to know about Google Adsense. Google Adsense is one of the largest Ads Network of the world. They pay money for pay per click system. Its paying rates are better than any other add network company. For this its so popular to all blogger or webmasters. For this reason everybody is running behind them. Now a days google adsense has strict rules to approve Adsense. If you do any little mistakes then your Adsense will not approved. So to approve a Google Adsense need a complete guidance.

Bellow I am trying to share some tips about " How to approve a Google Adsense".

  • Privacy Policy: To approve a Google Adsense you need a privacy policy page on your blog. Maximum blogger do this mistake. They don't add privacy policy in their blog. Some blogger say that Privacy policy is not essential for blog but this is really wrong. A privacy policy actually describes to your traffic or visitor about what they will get from your blog. And google also giving priority on this. So if you don't have privacy policy page in your blog then first add it before applying Adsense.
  • About Page: Do you have About us page on your blog? If not then add it now. If you don't add this page to your blog then there is zero % chance to approve your Google Adsense. About us page simply describe about you and your blog. This page is very important because it will help you to build up a strong relationship with your readers as well it will make them trust on you.
  • Contact Us Page: This is also a very important page from that your readers can contact with you. In my opinion all readers of you blog has right to speak about your content or writings. If you don't have contact us page then they cannot contact with you and if this happen then you will lose your visitor. One the other hand if you don't have contact us page then Google Adsense will disapprove you. So its essential.
  • Name and Email Verification: Put your Name and Email address in About Me or Contact Us pages that it can visible to all. I am telling this because it will confirm to Adsense team that this is the same person who applying the Adsense. It will increase the possibility to approve your Adsense.
  • Verify You Age: Its need. Really its very essential because when you apply Google Adsense then you will notice that only 18+ people can apply Adsense. So I advice to do age verification on your blog.
  • Content : This is the main factor. If your contents are not unique then you never get Adsense. So write informative and unique content for your blog. If you have informative and unique content then you no need to post 500/600 article, only 40/50 article can make your life shine. You will get your dream in your hand yes Adsense will approve if you have unique article. I am telling from my experience that if you have 40/50 article that contains 500+ word then you will get Adsense without any doubt.
  • Blog Design: This is the second important thing after content. Blog design will represent your experience, professionalism and expertise too. So must be careful when you design your blog. Try to avoid error of coding and make it user friendly design that your visitor don't feel boring to read your content.
  • Type of Content: What kind of content you are publishing? Be careful here also, because if you post any pornographic or illegal content then you never get Adsense. Google don't support this type of content. Another thing is that if you have non English blog then it may be problem because Adsense team don't like to approve Adsense of non English blog.
  • Top Level Domain : It will be better if you have own domain. If you use sub domain like Blogspot or Wordpress or Webs etc then it less your chance to approve Adsense. I suggest to buy a .com domain name and then apply Adsense.
  • Other Ad Networks: If you have other ad network and you place ad on your blog then please stop those ad when you applying Adsense. Google don't allow other ad network with them.

I hope you can follow those 10 tips then you must get Google Adsense.

Basic Of Email Marketing

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Now a days Email Marketing is the best way to do advertising or marketing any product or service. To hear this every one will think this is a very easy way or easy task. But no this is not so easy method. Because if you think you collect emails and then send them mail its your wrong thinking. Because for emailing you have to follow CAN-SPAM LAW. So first we need to know what is CAN-SPAM? "

Email Marketing

Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003" and in Short CAN-Spam. We should keep in mind that never to break the emailing laws. If we wanna send mail to any person then first we need to ask them about it. If they are agree to receive email from Me or Us only then you can send mail with your service or Product review.

So this is not so easy that we were thinking. So if we want to know about perfect email marketing then first we need to know details about Email Marketing. We will know today  in Details about Email Marketing. We already know about CAN-Spam law. Now we need to know about Spam.

What is Spam and What is not Spam : This is the most important part of Email marketing. If we don't know about spamming then We never be successful in Email marketing. Actually this is the most complicated part of the legislation. Basically Spam Means " Unsolicited Commercial Email." Generally "annoying Emails you didn't ask for from companies you don't know, selling products you don't want. I think an example will help to realize about it clearly" Think you providing a service like web design or SEO. Now you need client to provide service and increase your business. In this stage you think about email marketing. Then you buy some email marketing software and start emailing. This is really spamming without any doubt. Because you collect emails from google. bing or any other search engine or from any blog or forum with the help of your email extracting software that you bought. But you don't know really the email recipient are interested to get mail from you or not. That is the main fact." I suggest you after collecting mail you need to send a welcome mail with signup forum. If they are interested then they will signup and ask you information about your service. I think this is now clear to you all what is spaming and what isn't?

Now a question arise so what is the perfect solution of email marketing?

Email Marketing

1st Step: For doing Email Marketing or send bulk mail you first need to collect email. For this You need to buy Email Extractor Software. After buying select your keyword or niche forum or blog to extract emails. If this step complete then we need to describe 2nd Step.

2nd Step: Now you have your targeted email list. But we don't know all emails are active or not. For this we also need to buy another software named Email Verifier. This software will test your email list and let you know about hard bounce and soft bounce. I am telling this because it will affect your SMTP. If you send mail without checking hard bounce then your SMTP IPS may be blacklisted.

3rd Step: Yes You already have email list that are validate of hard bounce or not. Now you need to send a welcome email and ask them are they really interested to receive emails next time from you about your produce or your service or not? This is really a good system from that you can understand really who are interested in your service. Collect those emails who are interested and you get your customers list.

4th Step: Create a simple newsletter. Your newsletter must be attractive and also use your creativity here. Mind it this newsletter will the first weapon of your sells. Try to avoid spam word. If you don't know whats are spam word then search in google about it. After completing newsletter You need to test newsletter are really spam free or not. There are many website that will give you free service to test your newsletter.

5th Step: I think this time you will successful and sure it will increase your sells as well if you insert your website link in your newsletter then defiantly it will increase your blog traffic too. If you want you can keep tracking on bulk mailing that you can know who are opening your mails, who are clicking your mail etc.

These all steps will bring your success in Email Marketing. We will discuss more about email marketing later. Wish your happy Email Marketing and boost your sells.

Easy Way To get Traffic For A New Blog

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Most of the people who trying to start their career with blogging face some problem. The most common problem is that they don't get traffic on their blogs. So they stop blogging after trying someday. Not only new blogger who are doing this blogging for long time sometimes they also leave this career because of enough traffic. We all know that traffic is money in blogging life. So if they don't get any traffic in their blog they don't get any income from it. So they unfortunately stop this professional career. But a question arise in my mind that why they don't get traffic? Actually what is the main problem? After that I meet some new blogger who are trying to build up their career with blogging. They share their problem with me. Same problem as I mentioned before " we don't get enough traffic".

Easy Way To get Traffic For A New Blog

I thought about their problem and get answer they don't follow the proper rules of blogging or SEO too. Today We will discuss how to get traffic to a new blog.

There are many ways to get traffic to a new blog. One of them, Social sharing. This is the most effective way to get traffic to a new blog. If you want to get traffic from search engine like Google, yahoo or Bing then it will take time. I think You need 5 to 6 month to get traffic from search engine. but if you use social media to get traffic you will get instant visitor as well some income too. :) 
That means I am not telling that you don't expect traffic from search engine. We must need search engine visitor. But it will take time so in this time if we don't get any visitor then it will be boring to a new blogger. There are many Social Media site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinteres etc.

How You get traffic from Facebook:
We all know that Facebook is a big and well-known Social Media Site. I suggest you to join your niche Facebook group and share your content. This will bring huge visitor for your blog. Trust me even I get a good number of visitor from only Facebook. So never neglect bringing Facebook traffic to your new blog.

Twitter: Create your twitter page and follow the top bloggers in you niche. And then follow their followers too. This is a simple type of marketing but its also too effective. This will increase your twitter followers and once you gather enough follower then start tweeting in your own page. I can guarantee that you will get good number of visitor from this.

There is a another way , "blog commenting": Blog commenting is another way to get traffic. This will give you targeted traffic to your blog. Search your niche blog and start commenting. I find a better way to get blog list. In my next article I will show you how you will get related blog list from Pinterest. Technorati is also a good source to find related blog. Keep in mind that never do spam when doing comment to any blog, because if you do spam then your comment will not approved. I know every blogger want good number of traffic every day then I will suggest to do blog commenting.

Easy Way To get Traffic For A New Blog

Video Marketing: A 2 minutes video has same value of 1000 text. So create 2 or 3 minutes video and start marketing in video sharing site. There are many sites that allow you to do marketing your video totally free. YouTube and Metacafe are better. I personally use both of them.

The most valuable thing is Content: Do focuses on your content. If your content is not well and not informative to user then no one will again come to your blog to see what you are writing in your blog. So write your post more and more effectively and informative. If user don't get any interest in your writings then they never come again to see your site. Try to write your article between 1000 word 
to 1200 word that you can express your all information that you wanna say to your subscriber. No need to post article daily. Never focus on quantity, need quality writings.

Never Forget about SEO: SEO is the life of a blog. I hear that maximum people say forget SEO only write quality content. That is rubbish. Without Search engine optimization your blog is useless. So I think forget SEO is the dumbest suggestion. For every blog need organic visitor and for this SEO is must. Another day we will discuss about effective SEO. Today we will not focuses on how to do effective SEO. There is many things need to clear to make SEO more effective.

No more today. Soon we will meet then discuss more effective way to get traffic. Happy blogging.

Setup SMTP With Sendblaster

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Today we will learn how to setup SMTP with sendblaster. Sendblaster is one of the best weapons to send mail. In my email marketing life I use many email sender. But sendblaster is better all of them. There are many reasons that I am telling this. If you think I will earn money if I promote sendblaster then you are wrong. I am only trying to showing the best software that is really good for email sending. It’s easy to use and prices also cheap. I know about interspire email marketer. Yes this is also a better sender. Its web based sender. But its price is $499 where send blaster is only $129. So I will suggest using sendblaster as your email sending weapon. Now let’s start how we can setup SMTP in sendblaster.
 I am using my own SMTP for this tutorial. You can use your own SMTP details. Run Your sendblaster software.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

Now Click on Send. Below I am showing where is Send button.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

When you click on Send button then a new windows will open. In that page we have to setup SMTP.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

There you will find option to put your SMTP details. Put your SMTP hostname in the section of SMTP server. Now write your SMTP port like 25/465/587 like this. Now mark on Authentication Required. After that You can put your SMTP ID and Password. If you put all data in right way then click on Connection Test. And wait for few minutes if all things are okay then a dialog box will show like this.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

You are almost done. Now click on Ok.
You have done a good job. Now you can send mail with your SMTP using sendblaster. I will be happy if get any benefit from my tutorial.

*** We are going to start a Email Marketing Course, if You interested can join with us. course fee only 55 USD.***

Free SMTP Server

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Hello Email Marketers. Today we will learn how to use free SMTP to send bulk mail. Free SMTP server can help you to become success for the beginning stage. You can easily practice your mailing with this server. No need to buy any SMTP for mailing Practice. When you are learning Email marketing then you need to practice. How to send mail and what is the real process of Email Sending. Because this is the main fact of Email marketing, Send bulk mail. Sending bulk mail create many problem. So we must need to practice before start real Mail blast.

free smtp server

Today we will discuss about free SMTP server. Actually what is the free SMTP server? Yes this is the first question. In the answer I will say, the SMTP that allow you to send bulk mail for email marketing without any cost we can call it free SMTP server. There are many SMTP server they will allow you to send bulk mail. One of my friend all time say one sentence that all free things has some limitation. Yes that's correct I agree with my friends too. If you use free SMTP server then you must get some limitations, like hourly sending limitation, daily sending limitation and many things we will discuss about it later.

free smtp server

Now we will discuss about some free SMTP server:

1. G mail: We all know very well what is g mail. G mail is one of the best free SMTP server provider in this world. This is one of the best product of Google. You can send daily 500 Email through g mail SMTP. So if you have 10 Mail of G mail then you can send 5k or 5,000 mail per day or per 24 hrs. Bellow I am showing you the g mail SMTPdetails

Port : 465 ( SSL)
Id: Your Gmail id
Pass : Your gmail Password.

2. Outlook: This free SMTPserver also has limitation of daily sending like gmail. But gmail accept 500 sending and outlook offer us only 300 mails per day.

Port : 587
Id : Your Outlook ID
Pass :  Your Outlook Password.

3. Yahoo: Yahoo offer 100 mail per day. So You can send per day 100 mails using yahoo SMTP.

Port: 465 (SSL)
ID: Your Yahoo ID
Pass : Your Yahoo ID Password.

4. O2 : Here is no information that how much you can send email daily. You have to test it that how much mail you can send using this SMTP.

Port: 25
I think this smtp no need any authentication. So no ID and Password will need for sending mails.

5. AT&T: This is also a Yahoo product. But this server SMTP has different than Yahoo SMTP.

Port: 465 (SSL)
Id : Your AT&T ID
Pass: AT&T pass.

6. Hotmail : Offer Us to send 100 mails per 24 hours. Here is the SMTP details bellow

Port: 465 (SSL)
ID: Your Hotmail ID
Pass: Your Hotmail Password.

7. Verizon: Its also a Yahoo hosted server. It offer 100 mails per day or per 24 hrs.

Port: 587
ID: Your Verizon ID
Pass: Your Verizon Password.

free smtp server

There also has many free SMTP server that will allow you to send free mail. If you need more you can do search in Google. I hope you will be glad to use those SMTP that I mentioned above. Any other day we will learn how to setup SMTP with your sender. Till then bye bye. Enjoy Email Marketing.

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What is SMTP?

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SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. If you are an Email Marketer then you sure know this. Because SMTP is called the life of Email Marketing. You cannot send mail without SMTP. We all know that for marketing anything like eBook, online products or anything Email Marketing is the better way.  Actually SMTP plays important roles on Email Marketing. We cannot think Email Marketing without SMTP.
When you going to send email to your clients or customers then you need this thing. There are many companies who sell SMTP service like sendgrid, mailjet, smtp2go, serversmtp,, authsmtp etc. You can also configure your own SMTP server. For this you have to buy a vps or any dedicated server that allow bulk mailing. If you are experienced with mail server setup then you can do this by yourself but if you not familiar then hire someone who is expert on this. I have my own SMTP server too. I configure this server myself with PowerMTA, DMIK, SPF and interspire email marketer as a sender. As when I do a blast then very low percentage become spam. So spam ration is very low. This is very important things for email marketing. If anyone needs Email Sending service then can contact with me. You will get My contact information in Contact Us page.

Now I will share some SMTP review that I used at past.

Send Grid is one of the biggest SMTP service providers. They provide SMTP service in cheap rate. You can see their SMTP plan bellow

This is another SMTP service provider. Yet I never use this service ago, but I read good review about them in internet. You can try it for free. They offer free plan 20 emails per day. Try this plan and if you like their service then buy it. Bellow I am showing the Prices of sending emails.

I think serversmtp is the partner of trubosmtp. Trubosmtp is recommended by sendblaster. Here you will get offer that will allow free emailing to your customers. Totally you can send 6000 email for a month. 200 emails you can send per day. I think this is the better opportunity to choice you SMTP. Firstly use free plan then you think this is perfect for you then think about it. Bellow I am showing the monthly plan of serversmtp

I use this service. It’s a better service. Many days ago I used it. And get good result. They are really good SMTP provider and I am happy with their service. You can send 6000 emails per month for totally free. I also tested this free plan and then bought other plan. Here I am showing their monthly Email sending plan.

This is my site. Who are not familiar with email marketing or you have no time to send mail create template bla bla they can buy Email Marketing service from me or I guarantee 100% satisfaction and also have refund policy. If you wish take a look :)

I think the information I give to you about SMTP, help you much. I will be glad to hear from you about this. Enjoy Email Marketing.

Article Marketing

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Article marketing is a type of advertising in which organization write a Summary or a short note about themselves and their company or their field of expertise as a strategy. Article marketing is a great way to promote a product, service, website or blog. Further article marketing is categorized in two parts Traditional Article Marketing and Internet Article Marketing. The main agenda is Internet Article Marketing. Article marketing is a type of marketing in which articles are tactically placed on the Internet for the purpose of supporting a specific website. The idea is to create attention in your website, establish credibility as an expert in your targeted market and create links to your website that will improve your site's search engine ranking. The main edge of this type of marketing is that it is comparatively simple to do and does not cost any money. However, the main purpose of article marketing is to generate traffic to your website or otherwise increase your bottom line, or else you may find yourself spending a lot of time in the article marketing process for nothing. You need a good article marketing strategy to be successful. If you are interested in executing your own Internet marketing plan using articles, then you have follow these steps for how to do article marketing.
Article Marketing

Title of Article
The titles you use are tremendously important when it comes to inviting audiences and improving your search engine optimization (SEO), and you should therefore take some care in picking them. There are a number of factors that go into creating strong, SEO-friendly titles.
Titles should be as short and brief as possible and should precisely represent the information that can be found in the article. You should prevent from selecting the mistake of choosing attractive title just to attract attention if the article content does not match up.
To factor search engine optimization into your article marketing strategy, research keywords to choose titles that are likely to be searched for by web surfers (high search volume) and that have low competition.
Place keyword phrases at the beginning of titles, rather than at the end. For example, an article entitled, "5 Fun Ways You Can Teach Your Bird to Sing" would be more aptly titled, "Teach Your Bird to Sing: 5 Fun Ways."
Draw from a variety of resources for article marketing title ideas. In addition to keyword research, you can find title ideas by searching related blogs, drawing from customer FAQs and searching the web for your keywords plus the terms "articles" and/or "blogs."

Quality of Article
The effectiveness   of article marketing depends upon how you write it, as poor-quality articles are less likely to accompaniment attention and encourage visitors to your site.
Organize your articles into first paragraph, a body and a final paragraph. The body should contain one paragraph for each main idea supporting the opening statement, and each paragraph in the article should contain 3 to 5 sentences; as with the title, keep the paragraphs as short and concise as is possible to get your point across.
If the publisher allows you to link to your own website within the article, the body content is a great place to insert article marketing back links.
Keep your articles between 250 to 500 words. Studies show that most web surfers are less likely to read articles longer than that.
Close your articles with a short (2 to 3 sentence) author bio containing a link to your website. This part is necessary to creating article marketing back links that can improve your site's SEO. Place summaries of your articles strategically within your site. For example, if you have an online winter apparel catalog, you can feature summaries for articles like, "Wear Your Scarf These 5 Creative Ways" and, "Must-have Winter Coats" directly on your product pages. This will engage visitors and inspire them to stay and explore your site.
Share your articles on social networking sites. Additionally, include social media sharing buttons on all of your web pages, so others can share your articles.

Publishing of Article in Article Directories
Search the web for article directories to find submission sites that will accept and publish your articles. Include both targeted and general terms in your searches to find a variety of applicable submission sites.
Shuffle, or rewrite, your articles if you plan on submitting them to multiple sites. Search engines may not give high rankings to duplicate content, so it is important that you give each article a makeover before publishing it in more than one location on the web.

Writing of guest posts for blogs.
Find blogs related to your niche and inquire with them as to whether or not they accept guest’s posts. When you find blogs that are willing to feature you as a guest poster, submit high quality articles with your bio and link.
One way you can create added interest in your website is to write your articles with an tenser feel, or to stir up a controversy that will make readers want to visit your site to learn more.
Use free tools like Google Ad words Keyword Tool to research keyword phrases that you can use in your titles and throughout the body of your articles.