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Article marketing is a type of advertising in which organization write a Summary or a short note about themselves and their company or their field of expertise as a strategy. Article marketing is a great way to promote a product, service, website or blog. Further article marketing is categorized in two parts Traditional Article Marketing and Internet Article Marketing. The main agenda is Internet Article Marketing. Article marketing is a type of marketing in which articles are tactically placed on the Internet for the purpose of supporting a specific website. The idea is to create attention in your website, establish credibility as an expert in your targeted market and create links to your website that will improve your site's search engine ranking. The main edge of this type of marketing is that it is comparatively simple to do and does not cost any money. However, the main purpose of article marketing is to generate traffic to your website or otherwise increase your bottom line, or else you may find yourself spending a lot of time in the article marketing process for nothing. You need a good article marketing strategy to be successful. If you are interested in executing your own Internet marketing plan using articles, then you have follow these steps for how to do article marketing.
Article Marketing

Title of Article
The titles you use are tremendously important when it comes to inviting audiences and improving your search engine optimization (SEO), and you should therefore take some care in picking them. There are a number of factors that go into creating strong, SEO-friendly titles.
Titles should be as short and brief as possible and should precisely represent the information that can be found in the article. You should prevent from selecting the mistake of choosing attractive title just to attract attention if the article content does not match up.
To factor search engine optimization into your article marketing strategy, research keywords to choose titles that are likely to be searched for by web surfers (high search volume) and that have low competition.
Place keyword phrases at the beginning of titles, rather than at the end. For example, an article entitled, "5 Fun Ways You Can Teach Your Bird to Sing" would be more aptly titled, "Teach Your Bird to Sing: 5 Fun Ways."
Draw from a variety of resources for article marketing title ideas. In addition to keyword research, you can find title ideas by searching related blogs, drawing from customer FAQs and searching the web for your keywords plus the terms "articles" and/or "blogs."

Quality of Article
The effectiveness   of article marketing depends upon how you write it, as poor-quality articles are less likely to accompaniment attention and encourage visitors to your site.
Organize your articles into first paragraph, a body and a final paragraph. The body should contain one paragraph for each main idea supporting the opening statement, and each paragraph in the article should contain 3 to 5 sentences; as with the title, keep the paragraphs as short and concise as is possible to get your point across.
If the publisher allows you to link to your own website within the article, the body content is a great place to insert article marketing back links.
Keep your articles between 250 to 500 words. Studies show that most web surfers are less likely to read articles longer than that.
Close your articles with a short (2 to 3 sentence) author bio containing a link to your website. This part is necessary to creating article marketing back links that can improve your site's SEO. Place summaries of your articles strategically within your site. For example, if you have an online winter apparel catalog, you can feature summaries for articles like, "Wear Your Scarf These 5 Creative Ways" and, "Must-have Winter Coats" directly on your product pages. This will engage visitors and inspire them to stay and explore your site.
Share your articles on social networking sites. Additionally, include social media sharing buttons on all of your web pages, so others can share your articles.

Publishing of Article in Article Directories
Search the web for article directories to find submission sites that will accept and publish your articles. Include both targeted and general terms in your searches to find a variety of applicable submission sites.
Shuffle, or rewrite, your articles if you plan on submitting them to multiple sites. Search engines may not give high rankings to duplicate content, so it is important that you give each article a makeover before publishing it in more than one location on the web.

Writing of guest posts for blogs.
Find blogs related to your niche and inquire with them as to whether or not they accept guest’s posts. When you find blogs that are willing to feature you as a guest poster, submit high quality articles with your bio and link.
One way you can create added interest in your website is to write your articles with an tenser feel, or to stir up a controversy that will make readers want to visit your site to learn more.
Use free tools like Google Ad words Keyword Tool to research keyword phrases that you can use in your titles and throughout the body of your articles.


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