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Hello Email Marketers. Today we will learn how to use free SMTP to send bulk mail. Free SMTP server can help you to become success for the beginning stage. You can easily practice your mailing with this server. No need to buy any SMTP for mailing Practice. When you are learning Email marketing then you need to practice. How to send mail and what is the real process of Email Sending. Because this is the main fact of Email marketing, Send bulk mail. Sending bulk mail create many problem. So we must need to practice before start real Mail blast.

free smtp server

Today we will discuss about free SMTP server. Actually what is the free SMTP server? Yes this is the first question. In the answer I will say, the SMTP that allow you to send bulk mail for email marketing without any cost we can call it free SMTP server. There are many SMTP server they will allow you to send bulk mail. One of my friend all time say one sentence that all free things has some limitation. Yes that's correct I agree with my friends too. If you use free SMTP server then you must get some limitations, like hourly sending limitation, daily sending limitation and many things we will discuss about it later.

free smtp server

Now we will discuss about some free SMTP server:

1. G mail: We all know very well what is g mail. G mail is one of the best free SMTP server provider in this world. This is one of the best product of Google. You can send daily 500 Email through g mail SMTP. So if you have 10 Mail of G mail then you can send 5k or 5,000 mail per day or per 24 hrs. Bellow I am showing you the g mail SMTPdetails

Port : 465 ( SSL)
Id: Your Gmail id
Pass : Your gmail Password.

2. Outlook: This free SMTPserver also has limitation of daily sending like gmail. But gmail accept 500 sending and outlook offer us only 300 mails per day.

Port : 587
Id : Your Outlook ID
Pass :  Your Outlook Password.

3. Yahoo: Yahoo offer 100 mail per day. So You can send per day 100 mails using yahoo SMTP.

Port: 465 (SSL)
ID: Your Yahoo ID
Pass : Your Yahoo ID Password.

4. O2 : Here is no information that how much you can send email daily. You have to test it that how much mail you can send using this SMTP.

Port: 25
I think this smtp no need any authentication. So no ID and Password will need for sending mails.

5. AT&T: This is also a Yahoo product. But this server SMTP has different than Yahoo SMTP.

Port: 465 (SSL)
Id : Your AT&T ID
Pass: AT&T pass.

6. Hotmail : Offer Us to send 100 mails per 24 hours. Here is the SMTP details bellow

Port: 465 (SSL)
ID: Your Hotmail ID
Pass: Your Hotmail Password.

7. Verizon: Its also a Yahoo hosted server. It offer 100 mails per day or per 24 hrs.

Port: 587
ID: Your Verizon ID
Pass: Your Verizon Password.

free smtp server

There also has many free SMTP server that will allow you to send free mail. If you need more you can do search in Google. I hope you will be glad to use those SMTP that I mentioned above. Any other day we will learn how to setup SMTP with your sender. Till then bye bye. Enjoy Email Marketing.

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