Setup SMTP With Sendblaster

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Today we will learn how to setup SMTP with sendblaster. Sendblaster is one of the best weapons to send mail. In my email marketing life I use many email sender. But sendblaster is better all of them. There are many reasons that I am telling this. If you think I will earn money if I promote sendblaster then you are wrong. I am only trying to showing the best software that is really good for email sending. It’s easy to use and prices also cheap. I know about interspire email marketer. Yes this is also a better sender. Its web based sender. But its price is $499 where send blaster is only $129. So I will suggest using sendblaster as your email sending weapon. Now let’s start how we can setup SMTP in sendblaster.
 I am using my own SMTP for this tutorial. You can use your own SMTP details. Run Your sendblaster software.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

Now Click on Send. Below I am showing where is Send button.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

When you click on Send button then a new windows will open. In that page we have to setup SMTP.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

There you will find option to put your SMTP details. Put your SMTP hostname in the section of SMTP server. Now write your SMTP port like 25/465/587 like this. Now mark on Authentication Required. After that You can put your SMTP ID and Password. If you put all data in right way then click on Connection Test. And wait for few minutes if all things are okay then a dialog box will show like this.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

You are almost done. Now click on Ok.
You have done a good job. Now you can send mail with your SMTP using sendblaster. I will be happy if get any benefit from my tutorial.

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