What is SMTP?

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SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. If you are an Email Marketer then you sure know this. Because SMTP is called the life of Email Marketing. You cannot send mail without SMTP. We all know that for marketing anything like eBook, online products or anything Email Marketing is the better way.  Actually SMTP plays important roles on Email Marketing. We cannot think Email Marketing without SMTP.
When you going to send email to your clients or customers then you need this thing. There are many companies who sell SMTP service like sendgrid, mailjet, smtp2go, serversmtp, smtp.com, authsmtp etc. You can also configure your own SMTP server. For this you have to buy a vps or any dedicated server that allow bulk mailing. If you are experienced with mail server setup then you can do this by yourself but if you not familiar then hire someone who is expert on this. I have my own SMTP server too. I configure this server myself with PowerMTA, DMIK, SPF and interspire email marketer as a sender. As when I do a blast then very low percentage become spam. So spam ration is very low. This is very important things for email marketing. If anyone needs Email Sending service then can contact with me. You will get My contact information in Contact Us page.

Now I will share some SMTP review that I used at past.

Send Grid is one of the biggest SMTP service providers. They provide SMTP service in cheap rate. You can see their SMTP plan bellow

This is another SMTP service provider. Yet I never use this service ago, but I read good review about them in internet. You can try it for free. They offer free plan 20 emails per day. Try this plan and if you like their service then buy it. Bellow I am showing the Prices of sending emails.

I think serversmtp is the partner of trubosmtp. Trubosmtp is recommended by sendblaster. Here you will get offer that will allow free emailing to your customers. Totally you can send 6000 email for a month. 200 emails you can send per day. I think this is the better opportunity to choice you SMTP. Firstly use free plan then you think this is perfect for you then think about it. Bellow I am showing the monthly plan of serversmtp

I use this service. It’s a better service. Many days ago I used it. And get good result. They are really good SMTP provider and I am happy with their service. You can send 6000 emails per month for totally free. I also tested this free plan and then bought other plan. Here I am showing their monthly Email sending plan.

This is my site. Who are not familiar with email marketing or you have no time to send mail create template bla bla they can buy Email Marketing service from me or i-marketing24.com. I guarantee 100% satisfaction and also have refund policy. If you wish take a look :)

I think the information I give to you about SMTP, help you much. I will be glad to hear from you about this. Enjoy Email Marketing.


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