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Now a days Email Marketing is the best way to do advertising or marketing any product or service. To hear this every one will think this is a very easy way or easy task. But no this is not so easy method. Because if you think you collect emails and then send them mail its your wrong thinking. Because for emailing you have to follow CAN-SPAM LAW. So first we need to know what is CAN-SPAM? "

Email Marketing

Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003" and in Short CAN-Spam. We should keep in mind that never to break the emailing laws. If we wanna send mail to any person then first we need to ask them about it. If they are agree to receive email from Me or Us only then you can send mail with your service or Product review.

So this is not so easy that we were thinking. So if we want to know about perfect email marketing then first we need to know details about Email Marketing. We will know today  in Details about Email Marketing. We already know about CAN-Spam law. Now we need to know about Spam.

What is Spam and What is not Spam : This is the most important part of Email marketing. If we don't know about spamming then We never be successful in Email marketing. Actually this is the most complicated part of the legislation. Basically Spam Means " Unsolicited Commercial Email." Generally "annoying Emails you didn't ask for from companies you don't know, selling products you don't want. I think an example will help to realize about it clearly" Think you providing a service like web design or SEO. Now you need client to provide service and increase your business. In this stage you think about email marketing. Then you buy some email marketing software and start emailing. This is really spamming without any doubt. Because you collect emails from google. bing or any other search engine or from any blog or forum with the help of your email extracting software that you bought. But you don't know really the email recipient are interested to get mail from you or not. That is the main fact." I suggest you after collecting mail you need to send a welcome mail with signup forum. If they are interested then they will signup and ask you information about your service. I think this is now clear to you all what is spaming and what isn't?

Now a question arise so what is the perfect solution of email marketing?

Email Marketing

1st Step: For doing Email Marketing or send bulk mail you first need to collect email. For this You need to buy Email Extractor Software. After buying select your keyword or niche forum or blog to extract emails. If this step complete then we need to describe 2nd Step.

2nd Step: Now you have your targeted email list. But we don't know all emails are active or not. For this we also need to buy another software named Email Verifier. This software will test your email list and let you know about hard bounce and soft bounce. I am telling this because it will affect your SMTP. If you send mail without checking hard bounce then your SMTP IPS may be blacklisted.

3rd Step: Yes You already have email list that are validate of hard bounce or not. Now you need to send a welcome email and ask them are they really interested to receive emails next time from you about your produce or your service or not? This is really a good system from that you can understand really who are interested in your service. Collect those emails who are interested and you get your customers list.

4th Step: Create a simple newsletter. Your newsletter must be attractive and also use your creativity here. Mind it this newsletter will the first weapon of your sells. Try to avoid spam word. If you don't know whats are spam word then search in google about it. After completing newsletter You need to test newsletter are really spam free or not. There are many website that will give you free service to test your newsletter.

5th Step: I think this time you will successful and sure it will increase your sells as well if you insert your website link in your newsletter then defiantly it will increase your blog traffic too. If you want you can keep tracking on bulk mailing that you can know who are opening your mails, who are clicking your mail etc.

These all steps will bring your success in Email Marketing. We will discuss more about email marketing later. Wish your happy Email Marketing and boost your sells.


I enjoy this article. pls can you share with the Email Extractor&Email Verifier software?

Those software are not free brother. Its paid one. If you interested to buy can contact with me. I have affiliate I can give you in cheap rate.

nice article. thanks for sharing :-)

You Welcome Dita. Hope you will enjoy my other writing too :)

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