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Its sure that everybody know about backlinks who do blogging or SEO project. Some rummor can hear that SEO is dead or to create backlink there is no profit. Its totally wrong. Even quality backlink plays important roles to increase page rank of any website or a blog. Actually when we talking about page rank, we indirectly indicate the number of backlink that blog get.

“Links are still the best way that we’ve found to discover [how relevant or important somebody is], and maybe over time social or authorship or other types of markup will give us a lot more information about that.”Matt Cutts

I am also a new blogger and my this blog also new but I study on SEO and read many blog every day who present Blogging tips and tricks. If I get any new idea I try this for my own blog. With my experience I can say that we need to create quality backlink for our blog. Its true that 10 quality backlink are better than 100 bad backlinks. I think you understand what actually I am try to realize you. We need to do hard working to create quality backlink. Its true that its not easy to get backlink from high authority sites but you have to try this. We all know that if try never stop then success must come one day. Now we will learn the tricks how to create high quality backlink.

Forum Participation
Related forum may be your good source of high quality backlink. So if you remain active on related forum then you will get quality backlink. Also there has many profit on forum posting. If you become active member in any forum then you can build up a strong relationship with members and make friendship with them. And if you become popular writer on there then you can get good number of traffic from that forum. Its a tricky way to get visitor. And one the other hand you will get high quality back link for your blog what is very important to get page rank.

Attractive and Long Article
You need to write your post unique and must attractive. Try to describe as much as you can. It will be better if your post contain 1300+ word. I am telling this because long article easily can attract readers attention. And if this happen then your post will share in social media and many other ways too. That will help you to get high quality backlink. Try to post article for tutorial, and start your post on how to. For an example, how to do blogging, how to start a blog, how to create high quality backlink like
this. People like to know new things generally so if you can post tutorial then it will be better.

Offer Free Ebook
I suggest you to write an ebook and offer it for free to your readers. You can share this ebook link with your friends and also can share it on social media. About ebook Matt Cutts says

“The philosophy that we’ve always had is if you make something that’s compelling then it would be much easier to get people to write about it and to link to it. [...] Make a fantastic website that people love and tell their friends about and link to and want to experience. As a result, your website starts to become stronger and stronger in the rankings.”

Create Video
Now a days maximum blogger doing this to get backlink. Create Videos on your niches and share it on YouTube or anyother Video sharing site and don't forget to leave your website URL with this. It will create backlink for you. It will be better if you create video on any tutorial. As I said before that people like to know new things and they will interested in tutorial.

Blog Commenting
This is a easy way to create high quality backlink. Generally you read many blogs everyday as you a blogger. So you must find comment option too in their blog. You can do comment there and leave your blog URL to create backlink. But you must keep in mind some rules to create blog comment.

1. Never comment like "nice article", "thanks admin". If you comment like this then you have 0% possiblity to approve your comment.
2. Read content carefully then make your comment in details don't try to do spam.
3. You need to do high quality comment to get high quality backlink.
4. Try to write comment positively.

All those you need to know when doing blog comment.

Lastly I want to say that its not easy to create high quality backlink. If you think you can do this in a single day then its your mistake. You have to work hard to create quality backlink. So don't fly in dream. Start work from now and enjoy your blogging life.


Interesting and also informative. But as you suggest not to post comment like "nice article", "thanks admin" etc. So what kind of comment you suggest?

First you read the article then You can ask question like this comment you did in my blog :)

I agree with you Kuntal; backlinks are more important for our blogs for acquiring high page ranking in search engine results. According to Neil Patel, SEO Guru, articles with 2000 words perform better in search engine results and attracts more natural backlinks from readers.

Yes!!! More word in article more better result.

Send me list of High PR blogs

No need to make list for Blog Comment. Because you need to do blog comment in your niche. So I suggest you to find your niche blog through I can give you a YouTube Video that can show you how to search blog through dropmylink.
Here is your Video

Nice tropic thats blog,Its help to create high quality backlink for new Seo beginner.

Mostly from all forum and blog commenting you will get nofollow backlinks,and it will not increase your pagerank,Better to submit article on some open directory like dmoz,Ezine..There you can build dofollow backlinks..

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