How To Start a Blog and Get Paid

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Its very easy to start a blog. Its not a hard work. Many new bloggers are now jumping in blogging field now a days. But in my personal experience I see that maximum of them become quite very soon. There are many reason why they stop blogging. They become fed up when they see that really blogging is not so easy way to earn, need to do hard work and maximum of them don't know the proper way how to start a blog. Start a blog is not so hard but first you need to learn how to start a blog. Otherwise you also stop blogging after someday when you will see no result and no response you are getting from your blog. So first We need to learn How to start a blog.

Bellow I am giving some information about blogging. I think in those information you can manage your blog better as well can build up your blogging career.

Make a Plan: First you have to think in which section you are expert. Blogging is not copy past system that you will read your niche blogs and copy and past content from those blogs. Make sure in which section you can write easily and you are professional. I suggest you start a blog on that topic you like most. And surly this is the first step to start a blog.
Domain Selection: As you think to start a blog and you just make plan about your blog topic, now you need to choose a domain name. Because its essential for blogging. Register a simple and unique domain name as your reader can remember easily. Its very important for any blog.
Hosting: After registration you need to Signup for a hosting. There are many hosting company like, or and many more. You have to choose yourself from which company you will buy hosting. You also can use blogspot. Personally I am using blogspot hosting. Its fully depend upon you which hosting you need.
Design: If you are a web designer then this is the better opportunity for you that you can design your blog by yourself. If not then you have to hire someone who know designing. Because if design and coding is not error free then the loading time of your blog will increase. And it will not user friendly. I suggest to design blog simply and user friendly.
Learn SEO: This part is most important for your blog. You must need to know what is seo and importance of seo. Learn seo how to do it. If you want to take your blog in next level then You need to learn seo must. Without seo you don't get visitor. And if you don't get any visitor then there is no income from blogging and after some days you also leave blogging.
Unique Content: Now need to write unique content. Google all time gives priority on fresh and unique content. Try to write your content in simple word. Try to make article above 500 words. I suggest to post article daily. There is reason why I am telling this. Your blog need to update daily. And for this you need to post article daily that google will crawl your site and it will get visiblity on Google or any search engin.
Build Mail List: Its very important to build mail list. There are many site like mailchimp, madmimi, aweber, getresponse will allow you to free emailing. If you can build mailing list then it will help you to get visitor why you post article.
Ad Management: When You will place ad on your blog, then must remember, don't post add every where. If you use google adsense then don't post more than 3 adds in one page. Because its the terms and conditions of google adsense. All time don't do blogging for earning, its a passion too.
Commenting: When any of your reader make a comment on your blog, if they ask any question then your duity is to replay them. Try to solve their problem for free cost. Its will build up a strong connection with your readers.

Keep in mind that blogging is not an overnight success. It needs lots of time to become success on blogging. If you try in perfect way and do hard work then one day you must become success. So in this article we already learn how to start a blog. Hope now you all can start blogging in perfect way and become success. Good Day.


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