How to Write a SEO Friendly and Quality Content

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There has many way to drive targeted traffic in your blog. Some of them are most effective and some of them are not. In my blogging life I try many tricks for my blog to drive traffic and get income. Last day I was thining about those all method which one are really effective and which are not. Now I am going to share you some tricks that will drive targeted traffic to your blog. Its my proven method I also generally do these for my own blog. Its very easy but you need to do hard work and you must have patience. We will know about How to Write a SEO Friendly and Quality Content.

Content is King

Lengthy Content: The first condition of my tricks is that you need long blog post. In details, You need to write blog post in details or as much as long. Because Google gives priority on long post. If you want high rank in Google for long time then you need to write article more than 1200+ word. Its really work (telling from my personal experience). Bellow I am showing some advantages of lengthy article.

* If you have post that have 1200+ word then it will be easy to use multiple keyword in one article.
* It will be easy to do internal linking.
* Google will index your post ASAP.
* Will get high rank in Google.

So there is no doubt that lengthy article is essential for your blog. If your blog is new then it will take time to see result. But in long run you will be win. Actually when your keyword will be rank with lengthy article there is less chance to drop it again. So we can see that its most important for a blog.

Quality Content: There is nothing to describe how much important this! Yes if you want success in blogging then you must need quality post. If you have quality content your readers will come to your blog and I can tell you that you no need to rank your site, if you  have good engagement in your blog
then Google will find out you and give you rank. If you can draw attention of your traffic then they will stay in your blog for many time to read content. And this will help you to rank your site and also your bounce rate will be decrease. If bounce rate decrease then your click through rate will be increased. And when Google rank any site, it gives priority on those section. So if you have all those section then it will be better for you to rank your site.

Content is King

Using Anchor Text: Anchor text means the text come with link. For an example, when you visit any blog's homepage there you will find "read more" option. When you click on that it open full article. Here "Read More" Contains the link of full article. This is called Anchor Text.
You need to use anchor text when you create back link. But you have to be careful when creating back link because excessive use of anchor text may fall you in trouble. excessive using of anchor text it may look unnatural so try to avoid it. In your content if you use same anchor text many time then it will notify Google that you are trying to use black hat. And Google may penalty you for this reason. So be careful on this.

Keyword Targeting: To target a keyword first you have to check it with Google adword keyword planner tools. This tools will show you the value of keyword, monthly search volumes and how much competitions. First you have to choice keyword and then write content on this. Try to use long tail keyword all time. Because its easy to rank a long tail keyword. People who search in Google generally use long tail keyword. This is one of the most effective way to get traffic from Google.

Update Your Blog : You need to update your blog regularly. It has many advantage for your blog. If possible then post article daily. If you want visitor come your blog regularly then you must need to update it every day. Generally people will come to read what you write regularly. And about Google when you update your site Google bot come to your site to crawl it. If you update your site regular basis then Google will send bot regularly and for this your article will be indexed in Google short time. It will help you to rank your site in long run.

Must Use Bold and Italics: Its called typography. And typography matters a lot for blogging. Readers like to love good content with typography. Now a days all people are busy, we don't have much time to seat ideally and read your content. Maximum reader are speed readers. So you need to use speed breaker :P . Yes and that speed breaker is bold or italics. Bold and Italics will draw attention of your readers. So make important and attractive news as bold and italic.

Content is king so we must need to know How to Write a SEO Friendly and Quality Content. If you follow all rules I describe above then it will be good for you. At last I can say that I am using those technique for my blog. Hope if you follow those you also become successful in blogging.


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