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I know this is a off topics however, I am writing this article to those people who know every thing but don't getting any project or job. We all know that oDesk and Elance are largest market place. But Fiverr also not bad. The people who don't get job in oDesk should try at fiverr. Here you no need to do bid in any project. You can create gig and start promoting your gig to get more and more sell. You have to offer your service on 5.00$. Its really amazing system. I also use fiverr and get good result too. Here is my fiverr Profile If you want you can check it and make your profile like me.


In this article I will now show you how to open an account and how to create gigs. You can find it on google or youtube. This article for promoting fiverr gigs.

I have few methods that is proven to get more sales on fiverr. I am sharing few of them.

1. Make Collections- Feature your gigs in those collections. A collection is simply a way to organize gigs that you like. Collections are also of interest to buyers on Fiverr because it makes shopping easy for them. Fiverr gives you the ability to create many different kinds of collections.

Create collections that will be interested to people who might use your services. Any small business, band, multi-level marketing member would be interested in your service. Find other gigs that might interest these types of people. This will definitely get you more traffic to your gig. Create as many collections as you can and don’t forget to add your gigs to each collection.

2. Facebook- Go to Facebook and do a search for any niche. Start with Bands in a certain area (South Florida, New York, etc). Search specifically for Fan Pages. DO NOT MESSAGE INDIVIDUALS. Send a short message to each page (not a comment on the page) promoting your gig. You can add a link or you can try to get them to reply first before sending a link. Teasing a little is a good thing. It creates a rapport with the prospect. I suggest making them ask for more information.

3. Email- Go to In the search settings click the button that says “Never show instant results” also slide the button to where it says show 100 results per page. Now do a search. Below is an example of how to do a specific search and extract email addresses without having to visit website...

Search for: Bands in South Florida “

This will pull up 100 results  that contain gmail addresses. Copy the whole page and  paste into this page... I suggest that on that page you change the settings so that each email address shows up on a new line. Now you have a list of targeted email addresses. CAUTION- send no more than 50 emails per day. Never copy or blind copy the group (bcc). Doing so will set off Googles spam filters and cause you problems. Take the time and write each person a personal email that tells them about your service and why they should use it.

4. Linkedin-
If you don’t already have a Linkedin account create one. First try to find connections on linkedin. People who you know and who you have worked with before. Get them to write you recommendations or at the very least become a member of your network. Once you have established a realistic looking profile join groups. Search for a niche and look for OPEN groups within that niche. Once you are a member of a group then click on the  link within that group called MEMBERS. This is a list of up to 500 members of that group. You can send each one of these members a message about your service. Keep your message short and sweet and don’t message too many people in one day or you can get lose your account.

Hope You will enjoy fiverr earning with my tips. If you feel interest then I can share you full tutorials of fiverr with promotion system. 

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