Why You Don't Get Popularity on Blogging?

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In my past article I already told that maximum blogger fail to build up their career with blogging. There has many reasons. If they work hard and don't get any good response then its usually they will quite blogging. If any blogger don't get popularity then they don't get enough traffic. And we all know that blog without traffic its like a dead see. Traffic is life of a blog. Its really true that get popularity is not so easy. But I find some reasons that maximum bloggers do. I listed them bellow. If any blogger can avoid those mistake I can assure they will get success in short time.

Unique and Quality Contents
Unique and Quality content is the heart of a blog. If you don't have high quality content then you never get good ranking on Google. And most of the people like to read educational articles with updated information. Everyone want to learn new things. So try to post fresh and informative article on your blog. If you can do that then they will share your article with their friends and also in social media sites. It will be organic SEO. I sure if your article is like this then you get success 100%.

Need Private Relation With Readers
Think yourself do you have strong relationship with your reader? I wanna saying that You have facebook, twitter, google plus etc like this social profile? If yes do you have good number of friends on those social site? If yes then you will get enough visitor and also you need to keep strong relationship with them for your benefit. I will suggest you to spend 1 hour to 2 hours daily with your social media friends. I think you understand what I am trying to realize you.

Must Share Attractive Content
I see that maximum blogger write their article with complicated word and this is too boring to the readers. If your readers cannot realize your opinion then what is the benifit? We all know that now a days world become so busy we have no much time to sit idealy and read complicated article. So my suggestion is to write post in easy word that everyone can understand what you want to say to them. If you can write attractive article then everyone will like them and if its informative then your post must be shared by your reader, that's so important for your blogging life.

Need to Participant on Social Media Group
As you a blogger then you need to participate related groups on social media sites. If you are writing about SEO or blogging tips and tricks then you need to participate in those kind of group where people are interested to talk about it. If you become member and friends of those group you also can share your comments and views. In this system your blog will be popular among those people. As your writing or articles are fresh and highly informative so its sure that your friends of those group become your reader.

Now think yourself when you read other blog do you share any post or do you comment there? If yes then why you do that? Ask question yourself why you share or comment on those blog? Yes you share and comment on this blog because You like the content otherwise you never read the content and never share with your friends. So now think if you can write your post like this then your post must be shared and also people comment on your blog. Now its your turn to change yourself. Happy Blogging Life.


The resource that you mentioned here is something that I have been looking from quite a time. Thanks a lot.
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You are so right, Kuntal !
Without knowing the audience, no one can be a good blogger!

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