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Basic Of Email Marketing

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Now a days Email Marketing is the best way to do advertising or marketing any product or service. To hear this every one will think this is a very easy way or easy task. But no this is not so easy method. Because if you think you collect emails and then send them mail its your wrong thinking. Because for emailing you have to follow CAN-SPAM LAW. So first we need to know what is CAN-SPAM? "

Email Marketing

Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003" and in Short CAN-Spam. We should keep in mind that never to break the emailing laws. If we wanna send mail to any person then first we need to ask them about it. If they are agree to receive email from Me or Us only then you can send mail with your service or Product review.

So this is not so easy that we were thinking. So if we want to know about perfect email marketing then first we need to know details about Email Marketing. We will know today  in Details about Email Marketing. We already know about CAN-Spam law. Now we need to know about Spam.

What is Spam and What is not Spam : This is the most important part of Email marketing. If we don't know about spamming then We never be successful in Email marketing. Actually this is the most complicated part of the legislation. Basically Spam Means " Unsolicited Commercial Email." Generally "annoying Emails you didn't ask for from companies you don't know, selling products you don't want. I think an example will help to realize about it clearly" Think you providing a service like web design or SEO. Now you need client to provide service and increase your business. In this stage you think about email marketing. Then you buy some email marketing software and start emailing. This is really spamming without any doubt. Because you collect emails from google. bing or any other search engine or from any blog or forum with the help of your email extracting software that you bought. But you don't know really the email recipient are interested to get mail from you or not. That is the main fact." I suggest you after collecting mail you need to send a welcome mail with signup forum. If they are interested then they will signup and ask you information about your service. I think this is now clear to you all what is spaming and what isn't?

Now a question arise so what is the perfect solution of email marketing?

Email Marketing

1st Step: For doing Email Marketing or send bulk mail you first need to collect email. For this You need to buy Email Extractor Software. After buying select your keyword or niche forum or blog to extract emails. If this step complete then we need to describe 2nd Step.

2nd Step: Now you have your targeted email list. But we don't know all emails are active or not. For this we also need to buy another software named Email Verifier. This software will test your email list and let you know about hard bounce and soft bounce. I am telling this because it will affect your SMTP. If you send mail without checking hard bounce then your SMTP IPS may be blacklisted.

3rd Step: Yes You already have email list that are validate of hard bounce or not. Now you need to send a welcome email and ask them are they really interested to receive emails next time from you about your produce or your service or not? This is really a good system from that you can understand really who are interested in your service. Collect those emails who are interested and you get your customers list.

4th Step: Create a simple newsletter. Your newsletter must be attractive and also use your creativity here. Mind it this newsletter will the first weapon of your sells. Try to avoid spam word. If you don't know whats are spam word then search in google about it. After completing newsletter You need to test newsletter are really spam free or not. There are many website that will give you free service to test your newsletter.

5th Step: I think this time you will successful and sure it will increase your sells as well if you insert your website link in your newsletter then defiantly it will increase your blog traffic too. If you want you can keep tracking on bulk mailing that you can know who are opening your mails, who are clicking your mail etc.

These all steps will bring your success in Email Marketing. We will discuss more about email marketing later. Wish your happy Email Marketing and boost your sells.

Setup SMTP With Sendblaster

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Today we will learn how to setup SMTP with sendblaster. Sendblaster is one of the best weapons to send mail. In my email marketing life I use many email sender. But sendblaster is better all of them. There are many reasons that I am telling this. If you think I will earn money if I promote sendblaster then you are wrong. I am only trying to showing the best software that is really good for email sending. It’s easy to use and prices also cheap. I know about interspire email marketer. Yes this is also a better sender. Its web based sender. But its price is $499 where send blaster is only $129. So I will suggest using sendblaster as your email sending weapon. Now let’s start how we can setup SMTP in sendblaster.
 I am using my own SMTP for this tutorial. You can use your own SMTP details. Run Your sendblaster software.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

Now Click on Send. Below I am showing where is Send button.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

When you click on Send button then a new windows will open. In that page we have to setup SMTP.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

There you will find option to put your SMTP details. Put your SMTP hostname in the section of SMTP server. Now write your SMTP port like 25/465/587 like this. Now mark on Authentication Required. After that You can put your SMTP ID and Password. If you put all data in right way then click on Connection Test. And wait for few minutes if all things are okay then a dialog box will show like this.

SendBlaster SMTP Setup

You are almost done. Now click on Ok.
You have done a good job. Now you can send mail with your SMTP using sendblaster. I will be happy if get any benefit from my tutorial.

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Free SMTP Server

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Hello Email Marketers. Today we will learn how to use free SMTP to send bulk mail. Free SMTP server can help you to become success for the beginning stage. You can easily practice your mailing with this server. No need to buy any SMTP for mailing Practice. When you are learning Email marketing then you need to practice. How to send mail and what is the real process of Email Sending. Because this is the main fact of Email marketing, Send bulk mail. Sending bulk mail create many problem. So we must need to practice before start real Mail blast.

free smtp server

Today we will discuss about free SMTP server. Actually what is the free SMTP server? Yes this is the first question. In the answer I will say, the SMTP that allow you to send bulk mail for email marketing without any cost we can call it free SMTP server. There are many SMTP server they will allow you to send bulk mail. One of my friend all time say one sentence that all free things has some limitation. Yes that's correct I agree with my friends too. If you use free SMTP server then you must get some limitations, like hourly sending limitation, daily sending limitation and many things we will discuss about it later.

free smtp server

Now we will discuss about some free SMTP server:

1. G mail: We all know very well what is g mail. G mail is one of the best free SMTP server provider in this world. This is one of the best product of Google. You can send daily 500 Email through g mail SMTP. So if you have 10 Mail of G mail then you can send 5k or 5,000 mail per day or per 24 hrs. Bellow I am showing you the g mail SMTPdetails

Port : 465 ( SSL)
Id: Your Gmail id
Pass : Your gmail Password.

2. Outlook: This free SMTPserver also has limitation of daily sending like gmail. But gmail accept 500 sending and outlook offer us only 300 mails per day.

Port : 587
Id : Your Outlook ID
Pass :  Your Outlook Password.

3. Yahoo: Yahoo offer 100 mail per day. So You can send per day 100 mails using yahoo SMTP.

Port: 465 (SSL)
ID: Your Yahoo ID
Pass : Your Yahoo ID Password.

4. O2 : Here is no information that how much you can send email daily. You have to test it that how much mail you can send using this SMTP.

Port: 25
I think this smtp no need any authentication. So no ID and Password will need for sending mails.

5. AT&T: This is also a Yahoo product. But this server SMTP has different than Yahoo SMTP.

Port: 465 (SSL)
Id : Your AT&T ID
Pass: AT&T pass.

6. Hotmail : Offer Us to send 100 mails per 24 hours. Here is the SMTP details bellow

Port: 465 (SSL)
ID: Your Hotmail ID
Pass: Your Hotmail Password.

7. Verizon: Its also a Yahoo hosted server. It offer 100 mails per day or per 24 hrs.

Port: 587
ID: Your Verizon ID
Pass: Your Verizon Password.

free smtp server

There also has many free SMTP server that will allow you to send free mail. If you need more you can do search in Google. I hope you will be glad to use those SMTP that I mentioned above. Any other day we will learn how to setup SMTP with your sender. Till then bye bye. Enjoy Email Marketing.

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What is SMTP?

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SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. If you are an Email Marketer then you sure know this. Because SMTP is called the life of Email Marketing. You cannot send mail without SMTP. We all know that for marketing anything like eBook, online products or anything Email Marketing is the better way.  Actually SMTP plays important roles on Email Marketing. We cannot think Email Marketing without SMTP.
When you going to send email to your clients or customers then you need this thing. There are many companies who sell SMTP service like sendgrid, mailjet, smtp2go, serversmtp,, authsmtp etc. You can also configure your own SMTP server. For this you have to buy a vps or any dedicated server that allow bulk mailing. If you are experienced with mail server setup then you can do this by yourself but if you not familiar then hire someone who is expert on this. I have my own SMTP server too. I configure this server myself with PowerMTA, DMIK, SPF and interspire email marketer as a sender. As when I do a blast then very low percentage become spam. So spam ration is very low. This is very important things for email marketing. If anyone needs Email Sending service then can contact with me. You will get My contact information in Contact Us page.

Now I will share some SMTP review that I used at past.

Send Grid is one of the biggest SMTP service providers. They provide SMTP service in cheap rate. You can see their SMTP plan bellow

This is another SMTP service provider. Yet I never use this service ago, but I read good review about them in internet. You can try it for free. They offer free plan 20 emails per day. Try this plan and if you like their service then buy it. Bellow I am showing the Prices of sending emails.

I think serversmtp is the partner of trubosmtp. Trubosmtp is recommended by sendblaster. Here you will get offer that will allow free emailing to your customers. Totally you can send 6000 email for a month. 200 emails you can send per day. I think this is the better opportunity to choice you SMTP. Firstly use free plan then you think this is perfect for you then think about it. Bellow I am showing the monthly plan of serversmtp

I use this service. It’s a better service. Many days ago I used it. And get good result. They are really good SMTP provider and I am happy with their service. You can send 6000 emails per month for totally free. I also tested this free plan and then bought other plan. Here I am showing their monthly Email sending plan.

This is my site. Who are not familiar with email marketing or you have no time to send mail create template bla bla they can buy Email Marketing service from me or I guarantee 100% satisfaction and also have refund policy. If you wish take a look :)

I think the information I give to you about SMTP, help you much. I will be glad to hear from you about this. Enjoy Email Marketing.

Importance of Popup Advertising

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Internet marketing can benefited with the pop up advertising only if one knows how to use it effectively. This advertising strategy is being used by many internet marketing companies and professionals, with which they are obtaining better results.

Importance of Popup Advertising

Advantages of using the Popup advertising in your business:
The main use of using this advertising strategy is to get high web traffic to the website you want and to promote your website. Apart from this primary use, popup advertising is also used to gain more email address for business so that you can generate good number of contacts and customers. Your customer database will increase with the use of popup advertising. Increasing the database will help the company to make an advertisement campaign through emails. This is also one form of successful advertising strategy. These are some of the main reasons to use the popup advertising in internet marketing.
Another great advantage that comes from the use of popup advertising as a marketing strategy is the list building which is possible with the generation of email addresses. A person can use the popup advertising method wither as a non-permissive manner or in opt-in manner. If you use it in the opt-in manner then the popup window will appear to the user when he is trying to leave the webpage or when he presses the back button in the browser. This will also allow the popup window to appear halfway in the visiting process of the website. In this method the popup ads will contain a question to the visitor about the newsletter or email subscription so that the visitor can get details of the products and services on the website as an update daily. In this case, the visitor is given the chance of using it or neglecting it. Other type of popup ads contains useful information on latest topics like health, news and making money. These types of ads are informational.
If you use the non-permissive manner in utilizing the popup ads in internet marketing then it will help in building contacts and email addresses. The popup window that is displayed to the person visiting a website will contain a downloadable and useful applications or softwares which are for free. This type of strategy will attract the users only if the application is a good one and useful to people. This type of popup advertising is also known as banner advertising.

What can popup advertising strategy do to your website?
When this strategy of advertising is used in the marketing, then the website will be benefited by maximizing the product distribution and product information to as many people as possible. Popup advertising can be useful, useless or sometimes a threat to a website if not planned properly. This is the reason why the technique to use this strategy has to be mastered. Understand the process of the advertising and then use it so that you can achieve effective results.

What results can be obtained by using the popup advertising strategy in your business?
The main reason behind using the popup advertising principle in marketing is to attract the traffic to a website. Web traffic is the number of persons visiting the website per day. Usually the popup advertising is used with websites and these will work or open in a new window when a visitor visits certain website. If the advertising is crazy enough to grab the visitor’s attention then he/ she will definitely check the promotional website. Sometimes visitors are given the benefit of freebies when they visit certain websites through popup ads. Most of the time, people visit the websites if they find the advertisement useful enough with proper information. When he wants to visit the website, then he needs to click on the ad.

Important things to note while using the popup advertising for your website:
The most important thing a person needs to note when using the popup advertising for their website marketing is to use the right kind of graphics and content in the ad. What a user sees will play a major role in increasing your website traffic. A person will show interest in clicking on the advertisement only if he likes it which means that you need to carefully design the advertisement. Most people think of using bright colors and bold fonts to attract visitors but these will have a negative impact on the user. A person will think the advertisement as a spam or a virus threat when he sees such kind of designs and contents. Therefore, you need to make sure that the advertisement is decent and yet attractive and most importantly it should suit your business type. There are many effects and designs available now which can used to highlight your ad. For example you can make use of different and interesting fonts to display the content or use the effects like blinking, spiraling to attract users. These type of things and effects will enhance your advertisement too. Remember that the user should click on the ad as soon as he sees it.

Create An Perfect Email Newsletter

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When you visit a blog or a website, you will see a popup or a text field asking you to enter your email address to get notified about the latest events and news posted in the particular website or blog. This process of giving out information to subscribers will come under the “email newsletter” form of advertising. This is a great way to increase traffic to your site because that is being sent to the subscriber will catch his attention and he/she will make daily visits to your website.
If you want to build an email list for your website or blog then you need to publish or give out the option of subscribing to newsletters in your website. Through the newsletter subscription you can make good sales of your products. These benefits from newsletter may tempt you to develop one for your website. Well, you might need some advice in creating one for yourself, so here are few tips that will help you in creating an email newsletter for your blog, portal or website.

Create An Perfect Email Newsletter

Tips on creating an email newsletter:
  • Maintaining focus:your newsletter should be focused on the main things and should avoid bringing up extra or unnecessary information. In short, you need to build up a newsletter that is more focused as it performs better as a newsletter than a widely themed one. For example, if you are giving out a sale or discount in your website, then the newsletter should focus on those things alone. Maintaining focus will help you in selling more products to targeted users. If the newsletter is not focused on important things, people may unsubscribe.
  • Use an auto responder to automatically reply for the mails: you must make sure that your email newsletter gets through the spam filters of the mail services and reaches the inbox of the subscribers. This can be achieved by using a good and effective auto responder. The top 2 auto responders you can use are Get Response and Aweber.
  • Stay consistent: when I talk about staying consistent, I didn’t mean to ask you to publish a newsletter every day or every week. The consistency rate depends solely on you and your schedule. Keep a schedule and stick to it. If you think of sending a monthly newsletter then stick to that plan and send the newsletter on the same day every month. This way your subscribers can check their mail on that day without missing.
  • Including only useful information: cut out the crap. This should be the motto of your newsletter. Your subscribers don’t want to spend hours and hours seeing your newsletter, so you need to send the important and unique information in newsletter. This will make sure that your subscribers do not regret subscribing to your email newsletters.
  • Sell advertising in your newsletter: you can make money through advertising your sponsors through newsletter. You can include your top paying sponsors and classified adverts but remember to not to fill up all the space with advertising alone. This can also show a negative effect on your website and users will unsubscribe from your newsletter thinking it as a waste of time or spam.
  • Use as a form of branding: you can increase your website’s name with the help of newsletters. You need to include the header of your website in the newsletter and if you want your newsletter to be colorful then you need to keep the colors according to your website’s color theme.
  • Publish a newsletter for every different thing on your site: a site may contain information regarding various niches. This means that the information varies and you must accordingly make newsletters. For every niche in your site, you must produce a different newsletter. In this way you can make more money and you can target people easily with your newsletters. You can also increase the number of subscribers because they don’t have to go through everything on your site but can read or buy the products they need.
The above mentioned tips will help you create a wonderful, yet successful newsletter. You will be surprised of the benefits you get from using these tips in creating a newsletter.

Importance of Email List Building

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Hello everybody. Today we are going to learn how we can build a strong and valid email list for your small business. Also we will discuss about the importance of list building. We everyone know that money in email list. And if you spend $1 you will get return $40. This is the system to get profit from email marketing. But what you reading its not a very easy task that you send a email blast and your pocket get full fill with money and money. First you have to learn what is email marketing and why we do email marketing. If you can learn well about it then must if We invest $1 then in return we will get $40. So lets go we will see how can build a good email list.
We know that email marketing is the best way to sell your product online. Ok but who will buy or perches your product? And why they perches do you think about it anytime?  The answer is first you have to find subscriber and after that you have to gain the trust of them. Then if you promote your products then they may buy it. I know that in internet there are many many email scraper software and script that can collect mail from different web sites or from google, bing or yahoo like this search engine. But first thing is that this is also a crime to send mail to the people who don’t want to get mail from you. So you cannot do this. Even you do this I can tell from my personal experience that 0% sell you will get from it. Because you never get perfect people who can buy your product. Because you don’t know who are they and what is their exception.

Importance of Email List Building

So what we do? We cannot extract mail from google, different web site,  forums, blogs etc so how we can get our subscriber? Yes for this I tell you to make a blog first and then put a subscriber button on the blog. When your blog will be popular you will get some of your subscriber must(from personal experience). It will be clear if I give an example “ think you are going to sell forex robot or any ebook or another things. Then fist you have to write content about that topics and do marketing of your blog. When people come to visit your blog then if your content is great they feel trust on you. Then they may become your subscriber. When they become your subscriber then you get right to send them newsletter. And this is the real system of email marketing. In this way you can get your desired email list.”
I think I can understand you. If not then it is my fault :P
Now we understand that what is proper email marketing and this is the very very effective way to sell any product through email marketing.
Here is another way to get subscriber too. But this is also illegal. First collect email or buy email from any how. Then you can send them first a subscriber forum that if they are interested to your service or your product then they may become your subscriber. This is the easy way to get more subscriber.
So now we understand the importance of a email list. We can say money in the email list its really true. Thanks to all.

3 Tips for Email Marketing Service

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Now a day’s email marketing becomes very useful to get traffic and get more sales. Email Marketing makes internet marketing very easy. Hope if you invest your money to get traffic like Google ad word or Facebook advertising or any other paid solution, it’s so much costly than Email Marketing. In a very cheap rate we are getting our targeted traffic and making sell easily. If you want to get more success in blogging life or selling product online with Email Marketing service then first you have to target your audience. Once if you can collect your audience then this is the time for you to send mail and get profit from this. So we now understand that Email Marketing Service is very essential for us. Today we are going to learn how professional email marketer does their work perfectly. And why we are failing again and again. Make a database of double opt-in email list. When you build your email list first confirm it that you need to make it double opt-in. without double opt-in your all mail will go to spam. If you have no permission to send mail to them then this is a crime as well. So we have to build a double opt-in forum in our blog or website or your Facebook fan page.

3 Tips for Email Marketing Service

Now when visitor come to your website if they are interested then they will subscribe your blog and then you will get double opt-in mail. Make list of those emails they are your customers. Create Your Newsletter Now design a newsletter template for sending. But keep in mind that you have to send many user like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Aol etc. mind it that all mail will not get inbox because different mail server use different filter so that you have to keep in mind how to do inbox in all mail. Try to less use CSS and images. Try to less use of your website URL. Make sure that your newsletter don’t contain spam keywords and must put your full address with your name, also put an unsubscribe link in your newsletter. You must have to follow the CAN-SPAM policy. If all things are Okay then your mail will send to inbox not to spam. Don’t miss use of your list This is very important step of email marketing. Never send only offer to your subscriber. Because they have option to unsubscribe you. So be careful about it. Don’t act with them as a robot. If you have list about internet marketing never send them newsletter what is about saying how to earn with Forex trading. If you do like this they will unsubscribe you or make complain that your IP will be blacklisted. So never miss use your email database. I think you now understand email marketing is not so easy that you think! :D Yes you are correct it’s not easy. If once you can build your email database and follow all laws carefully then there is nothing like email marketing service that can give you much profit. So now practice yourself.